Investing in Sustainable Security: business leadership in a world of strategic risk and opportunity

In today’s global environment where mistakes can generate lethal consequences, the world's military planners have recognized that 'security' must be managed across multiple dimensions. In a complex and inter-dependent and warming world, issues such as: energy security, food security, water security and human security now rate alongside more traditional concerns associated with the management of power. Business and political leaders are coming to similar conclusions: recognizing that prosperity can only be increased for the poor and sustained for the ‘West’ when essential forms of social and natural capital have been secured for the future. How can we invest across society to ensure we are mobilizing the financial capacity to adapt to the evolving security threats to a sustainable future, and to seize the opportunities that this emerging scenario will require?  Strategic risks and opportunities seldom arise within fixed borders. Given this, the Forum plans to complement USA and Australian perspectives with those drawn from our wider region - examining the role that business leadership can play in securing and sustaining the conditions for prosperity and development.

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